I had the most amazing night! I helped that man become president. Here’s a little timeline of my life on the night of November 6th and the morning of the 7th.

8pm- starring intently at the tv. Romney had 33 electoral votes…Obama had 3.

9pm- viewing party starts at my school. I, like a nerd wait till 10 pm to head over because I needed to study.

10:05pm- viewing party is to capacity, we are turned away. ( sad face)

10:10pm- my friends and I go to the small, low-key party in our dorm.

10:11pm- we leave. I felt no moral.

10:30- waiting, drinking green tea and hoping Romney doesn’t keep the lead

11:14pm- OBAMA WINS!

11:20pm- It’s twitter official

12:00pm- we get on the metro! White House chillin!!

THE METRO– what a crazy experience! A homeless guy was leading us in a South African song for Mandela, but he changed the lyrics,a few caucasian men were crying, and I was high giving strangers. Ill probably windup with a cold. No big deal.


* let’s just say, “what happens at the White House, stays at the whitehouse.”


Umm people climbed trees! My school led the chants. We did the electric slide, took pictures with strangers

2 am- walked 15 blocks back to campus like it was nothing!

DC on Electon Day/ Night is a magical place!




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