“All Nighters”

Let me define the typical all nighters, because in this world there are two kinds.

•(v) all nighter- the act of staying up all night studying by filling one’s system with caffeine; insanity.

The second type of all nighter is “my all nighter.”

•(v) all nighter: the act of staying up just until 2:30 “studying” then falling swiftly asleep; failing.

Obviously I do not have the art of all nighter-ing down. At all. First of all, I have absolutely no caffeine in that fridge!
When 1 AM hits I start to become health conscious and worry about the effects of a little sleep which then takes me to the Mayo Clinic website. After that I get sidetracked by all forms of social media…by then it’s only fitting that I spend an HOUR on YouTube watching dailygrace & itsjudyslife (go check them out!). Then after all of that I have a few delirious laughs with my roomy and it’s off to dream land.

Basically what I’m here to say is, I am not fulfilling my college duties.):




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