The Do’s and Don’ts of Eating Out •steak house•

It’s Halloween & I spent it at a steak house..with my adorable mother! Yes, she gave me permission to write this! My parents are diligent followers of my blog!(:

• order fish or a lean meat- almost all restaurants offer this.

— I don’t really recommend ordering salad’s all the time because they can get pretty boring.Also, the nutritional value is pretty low.

•always choose a vegetable over a starch- this is a struggle for me, but I feel so much better about myself when I choose the healthier option. If your goal is to leave full, you can still accomplish that with a vegetable.

•water is the only drink option- it’s the cheapest and the best for you.



•burgers- they are short term satisfiers. Like drugs almost– you get that beefy high and then you are left with a day’s worth of calories.

•starchy sides- my mother was just being ridiculous lol! Who orders Mac&cheese with a burger? Anyway, stay far away from starch. I am a big fan of brown rice or sweet potato fries when “necessary”.





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